Food Labelling Legislation

Changes in European Union Legislation means that nutrition labelling will be mandatory by 2016.

The legislation is designed to make food labelling easier to understand for consumers. The majority of requirements for the new regulations will not apply until December 2014.

The result is that the new regulation (Regulation (EU) no1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers) combines rules on general food and nutrition labelling into this single EU regulation.

The bulk of the requirements within the new regulations will not apply until December 2014, with nutrition labelling becoming mandatory in 2016.

Allergen information will have to be provided on all food. For prepacked foods, the allergens will have to be highlighted on the ingredient list.

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Will this affect me?

Yes if...

You make products yourself i.e. pastries, sandwiches, biscuits, jams etc. to sell in your store but then and ask a third party to sell these items for you. Consumers are now looking and expecting to find nutrition information on the packaging of foods they buy, so this is something you may want to consider pursuing even though it is not required by law until 2016.

So contact Creative Food and Nutrition Consultancy Ltd to enquire today for nutritional calculation services for all recipes!

No if...

You are a small retailer, and you sell pre-packaged products made by food manufacturers. You do not need to do anything except ensure that all product labels (including imported products) contain nutrition information on them.