Nutritional Calculations for Existing or New recipes - if you are looking to create new, healthy, bespoke recipes or tweaks to existing recipes, that can change seasonally in a short time frame and can work within a specific nutritional brief, this service could be your answer. Using an Industry Standard software package, allows for a full nutritional breakdown to be calculated.

Nutrition Information
Nutritional Information

Additionally this service can offer:

I am NutriCalc trained and a license holder, for £30 an hour + VAT I can provide a confidential service with a turn-around time of 48 hours for a standard service. For any urgent requests please contact me for a quote.

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Remote Consultancy Services - offered to suppliers in Food Industry working on nutritional calculations and product development in a quick and accurate manner, without having the added pressure of taking on a full time employee. This service can help clients around peak times when concepts and briefs are being developed, and different nutritional calculations are required quickly.